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Ajaccio, Corsica, France - Cruise Port Guide

Ajaccio, Corsica, France - Cruise Port Guide Anchors Up


Cruise ships dock just a 5 minute walk from the town center.

The cruise terminal is fairly small and offers only basic facilities, such as toilets, telephones and a taxi rank.

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Monthly climate averages for Ajaccio, Corsica, France

The Tourist Information Center is located at 3 Boulevard du Roi Jérôme.

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Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica, is located on the calm west coast of the island, surrounded by wooded hills. It is a peaceful town that attracts visitors with its abundance of cafes, restaurants, and shops.

The town's main attractions are focused on Napoleon, who was born there. These include the grand cathedral where Napoleon was baptized, the Bonaparte residence, and various statues and street names honoring his family.

The peninsula features the citadel and ends with the Citadel jetty. Southwest of the peninsula lies the Place Bonaparte, a neighborhood popular among winter visitors who appreciate the town's mild climate. While there are a few impressive streets leading to Place Bonaparte, the majority of the town has narrow and unremarkable streets, giving it a deserted appearance.

The house where Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769 is preserved, and the town extensively commemorates his connection through street names and statues.

Additionally, Ajaccio is home to the Musée Fesch, which houses the art collection of Cardinal Fesch, Napoleon's maternal uncle. The museum's collection of Italian paintings is renowned and considered second only to that of the Louvre.


Tours, excursions and transportation

The majority of the attractions in Ajaccio are situated in the old town area, just a 5-minute walk away from the cruise terminal. Getting around is effortless since they are all conveniently located within close proximity to each other.

Tourists have the option of exploring Ajaccio through small tourist trains that provide sightseeing tours around the town. Additionally, open double-decker bus tours make various routes in and around Ajaccio for visitors to enjoy.

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Nearby places

There are many beaches in Ajaccio. Some examples include:

  1. Plage du Trottel: Located near the city center, this sandy beach offers calm waters and beautiful views of the Ajaccio Bay. It is a popular spot for sunbathing and swimming.
  2. Plage Saint-François: Situated close to the old town, this beach offers a mix of sand and pebbles. It is a great spot for relaxation and enjoys a lively atmosphere with nearby cafes and restaurants.
  3. Plage de Capo di Feno: Located about 15 kilometers southwest of Ajaccio, this beach is known for its pristine beauty and clear turquoise waters. It is surrounded by wild landscapes and appeals to nature lovers and surfers.
  4. Plage de Marinella: Situated in the Gulfe of Lava, northwest of Ajaccio, this sandy beach is known for its tranquil atmosphere and stunning sunset views. It is less crowded compared to other beaches in the area.
  5. Plage de Grand Capo: Located in the southern part of Ajaccio, this beach offers a picturesque setting with fine sand and crystalline waters. It is a family-friendly beach with shallow swimming areas.

Please note that beach conditions and accessibility may vary, so it's always recommended to check for updated information before visiting.


Other information

Currency: Euro

Local emergency number: 112


Opening hours

In France, most shops, businesses, information services, museums, and banks maintain all-day opening hours.

The larger establishments typically operate from around 8 or 9am to 6.30 or 7.30pm, Monday to Saturday. Smaller shops may have different hours, sometimes closing for lunch between 12.30pm and 2pm.

While big shops are open Tuesday to Saturday, some smaller shops may open on Monday afternoons. However, on days when others are closed, you can always find bakeries and food shops that remain open, with Sunday hours typically until noon.