Review: Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas - Discover the Canaries - Anchors Up

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Review: Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas - Discover the Canaries

Review: Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas - Discover the Canaries Anchors Up


Journey with us as we recount our immersive expedition through the alluring Canary Islands, guided by the Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas. During the "Discover the Canaries" cruise, we had the privilege to explore captivating destinations, partake in enriching ship amenities, indulge in delectable dining options, and find solace in the comfort of our accommodations. In this account, we provide an intimate look into this extraordinary voyage and share the essence of what made it an unforgettable experience.

Destinations: A Tapestry of Nature

Imagine a palette of Canary Island landscapes, each destination a vivid stroke of nature's artistry. Anthem of the Seas was our vessel for exploring these enchanting locales. From Tenerife's towering cliffs to Lanzarote's mystical volcanic terrain, each port of call possessed a distinctive allure. The ship harmonized with these wonders, ensuring our interactions with the islands were both serene and immersive.

The Ship: A Haven of Exploration

Allow us to introduce Anthem of the Seas, a ship that invites exploration and discovery. Throughout the ship's sprawling expanse, Royal Caribbean's commitment to quality was palpable. From the exhilarating FlowRider, an innovative surf simulator, to the challenging climbing wall that tested our mettle, the ship offered opportunities for personal growth. The North Star, a remarkable glass capsule providing panoramic views, and the evocative "We Will Rock You" show, which resonated with music enthusiasts, enriched our journey.

Culinary Odyssey: Savoring Every Flavor

Our culinary escapade aboard the Anthem of the Seas was an expedition of the senses. Royal Caribbean's dedication to excellence was evident in every dish. From the main dining room's refined atmosphere to the diverse array of specialty restaurants, each culinary experience was a celebration. The culinary team's artistry was showcased in each bite, creating indelible memories of flavors and aromas.

Comfortable Retreats: Finding Serenity

After days of exploration, our inside cabin provided a welcome retreat. Ingenious design and modern conveniences transformed the space into a haven of tranquility. Despite its compact size, the cabin was thoughtfully designed to offer relaxation and solace, ensuring we were well-rested and rejuvenated for the next adventure. We thought it was great value compared to a balcony cabin or an outside cabin.

Conclusion: A Journey Remembered

In reflection, our Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas "Discover the Canaries" cruise was an unforgettable voyage that surpassed expectations. The ship's offerings seamlessly intertwined with the natural beauty of the Canary Islands, resulting in a journey that was both introspective and invigorating. Across the span of two weeks, each day was filled with explorations, experiences, and moments of contemplation. For those seeking an immersive voyage that effortlessly merges adventure, comfort, and discovery, the Anthem of the Seas stands as a remarkable choice.